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LoudHush only makes use of one line/call context in the current version.

Supported Codecs

The following codecs can be used by LoudHush:

Applescript notifications

If applescript notifications are enabled, LoudHush will trigger two types of notifications: on incoming calls and upon detecting a change in the messages waiting indicator.

Here is a sample applescript block:

-- incoming_call gets called on incoming calls. Makes sense, doesn't it?
on incoming_call(callerid, callername)
	tell application "iTunes" to pause
	tell application "Finder"
		display dialog "Incoming call from" & callerid & "(" & callername & ")"
	end tell
end incoming_call

-- mwi_change gets called when LoudHush detects a change in the mwi indicator.
--on mwi_change(new_messages, old_messages)
--	tell application "Finder"
--		display dialog "Voice mail indicator change" & new_messages & "(" & old_messages & ")"
--	end tell
--end mwi_change


LoudHush is making use of a lot of open source libraries:

You can also check out the asterisk.org.