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© Modulo Consulting 2005-2010

LoudHush has been written and is maintained by Modulo Consulting. All the external libraries are being used according to their license terms. All the artwork (icons, sound files, etc) are under the copyright of Modulo Consulting.

Unregistered LoudHush versions will quit five minutes after start time

Please note the LoudHush disclaimer:


In an effort to fully comply with the iaxclient's LGPL licensing scheme, LoudHush dynamically links the iaxclient library.

We have a few changes that did not make it in the iaxclient version (because they don't apply to Windows and Linux too) so here's our modified iax library: iaxclient_v19_ml.tar.gz (3.2Mb)

Please direct any queries to info@loudhush.ro. We will be happy to help in any way we can.