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Hardware and software

To be able to use LoudHush, you need


LoudHush is an Universal Binary, so it runs on both PPC and Intel based Macs.

Note: although you can use LoudHush with the speakers and the built-in microphone, you will obtain much better results with a good microphone-equipped headset.

LoudHush does not run on Windows and there are no plans to port it to this architecture. If you need a Windows IAX client, you might want to try the products linked from the IAXClient page.

Asterisk Voip Providers

Below are a couple of references to pages that contain lists of Asterisk providers. Please remember that LoudHush requires an IAX account and will not work with SIP.


Throughout the LoudHush site, IAX denotes the second version of the Inter-Asterisk Exchange protocol, as described by the IAX RFC and sometimes referred to as IAX2.

Using your own Asterisk server

If you plan to use LoudHush with your office Asterisk server, you need to configure an IAX extension for LoudHush to use.

The simplest entry to add in iax.conf would be (for extension 4457):


When using an Asterisk front-end such as FreePBX, you can add the extension by using the "FreePBX Administration" web interface.