IAX Tools
for the Mac


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Inspector (for lack of a better name) is a Asterisk CDR inspector


IaxDissect 1.3
IaxDissect is a Inter-Asterisk Exchange protocol dissector. It is not a replacement for Ethereal but it gets the job done on boxes where you can't install fink or darwinports.

New in version 1.3: save and load pcap format captures.

Download: IaxDissect 1.3

IaxDissect Screenshot

Note: you have to authorize the application when starting and stopping a capture as it needs superuser rights to open the first network device in promiscous mode. You can only use the first network device (en0/bpf0) to capture.

Bugs: there probably are. You will experience weird application behavior if you start more than one capture at a time.

Get IaxDisect source (BSD license)

Cocoa Iax Ping
This is a cocoa port of the file below. It basically sends a IAX ping message (a POKE packet) to the Asterisk server. If you get a reply, your firewall is correctly configured. License: BSD.

Cocoa IAX Ping(zip application archive) [24Kb]

Cocoa IAX Ping (XCode project archive) [1.9Mb]


Iax Ping (command line tool)
The command line version. Should compile on any *nix system (use g++ or fix the source for Ansi C). The binary is built for Mac OS X. License: BSD.

iaxping binary(zip archive) [5Kb]

iaxping (C source) [4Kb]